I’m Ayumi, and I specialize in new puppy behavior training. I was trained by Cesar Millan in dog psychology and balanced style training. I have used that education to help hundreds of puppies overcome their dog behaviors and become better dogs for themselves and their owners. 

At Paw by Paw Dog Training, we help you and your dog build the relationship you deserve. Our approach to dog training considers the individual needs of your dog. We personalize the training to your dog’s needs to make training a breeze and give you long-lasting results.  

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training, which is why at Paw by Paw Dog Training, we get to know you and your dog before making any training recommendations. We welcome all dogs and are excited to help you and your dog live happy and healthy lives!

I started my dog training career in 2011 when I worked at a Japanese-owned dog training facility that opened its first US location. The dog trainers focused solely on positive reinforcement dog training, and while I loved the experience, I knew there had to be other approaches. I could already see that to be an exceptional dog trainer I would need to know various methods of dog training. 

The Beginning

In 2015 I got my first dog, Boss. Once he was 10 months old, he and I took a fundamentals course with Cesar Millan, where I learned about dog psychology and dog behavior. The course opened my eyes to the possibilities as a dog trainer. I was inspired to learn everything I could about giving dogs the best lives possible!

Boss Entered the Picture

In 2016, I had the pleasure of co-owning a puppy training business. Nothing makes me happier than helping new puppy owners feel confident with their new family member! My love for dog training grew even more, and I loved implementing dog psychology to create good behaviors for new puppies right from the start. 

Puppy Training

In 2017 I took the leap and started Paw by Paw dog training. The name Paw by Paw is derived from my name! Ayumi translates to “step by step” in Japanese, so the name felt very fitting for my dog and puppy training business. 

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to train many puppies and dogs of all ages. My dog trainers and I help dog owners create the relationship they want with their dogs and improve challenging behaviors. 

Paw by Paw

I am pleased to say that I offer various services to suit your dog's unique needs. Whether you’re looking for in-person training here in Los Angeles or online training from your hometown, I would be thrilled to help you and your dog!

Now it’s time for you to walk the walk and give your dog the training they need! Make this year a milestone in your relationship with your dog by helping them become the best dog possible. 

My Journey as a Dog Trainer