Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dog training do you do?

At Paw by Paw dog training, we practice balance training whether we're doing puppy training or helping older dogs. This means we do not implement a one-size-fits-all training method on any of the pups or owners who work with us. Other dog trainers often focus only on positive reinforcement training, but we’ve learned that proper dog training requires a customized approach, and that’s exactly what we’ll give you and your dog. Our dog trainers will determine the best approach for your dog’s behavior to help them become the happiest and best dog they can be!

How early can I begin training with my puppy?

You can start to train your puppy as early as eight weeks old! Our training programs set up puppy owners for success from the get-go! We aid with potty training, crate training, leash training, and more. By the time our trainers finish your puppy training, you’ll be able to enjoy loose leash walking and increase your human-dog bond. 

Do you work with all breeds?

YES! We do not exclude any breeds. We know that some other dog trainers won’t work with certain breeds, but we’re happy to train your dog no matter their breed. We’ve worked with all sorts of dog breeds, including Pitbulls, Huskies, Cane Corsos, and so many more!

Do you take on dog aggression cases?

Depending on the severity of the dog’s aggression, we may take them on or refer you to another trusted dog behaviorist. Our first step would be to set up a discovery call to see if we’re the perfect fit for the challenges you’re experiencing! We want your dog to get the best dog behaviorist possible, and if that trainer isn’t us, we’ll refer you to someone who may be a better match for your dog. 

Do you guarantee training results?

Training results are never guaranteed as we work with live animals with unique genetics and characteristics. Just like learning a language, without practice and consistency, we can become a bit rusty—and the same applies to dog behavior and training. Whether we do private lessons or board and train, we will always do our best to address breed-specific behavior. You will also be required to help your dog keep up their behavior and obedience training using the education and tools we provide to see the best possible results. 

Do you provide protection dog training?

We do NOT provide protection dog training, service dog training, or agility training, but we can definitely point you in the right direction if that’s what you’re looking for!

My dog is over two years old. Is that too old to start training?

Nope! No dog is too old to begin behavioral training. We’ve even trained 13-year-olds! Our trainers are happy to train your dog regardless of age because we believe every dog deserves to live the best life possible, and proper training is a key element in giving them that wonderful life. 

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